About The Artist

About The Artist


Tiana Granatovych is a young artist born in 1992, in the northwestern Ukrainian city of Vinnytsia.

She started her art studies at an early age, and at 18 she got a scholarship to study at the Faculty of Arts and Graphics of the Pedagogical University in Odessa to continue her training in this city.

Since then she has not stopped to deepen in an artistic style that would bring peace and tranquility to the people. We all need that in our lives more and more, we know the trend of life that we lead, it is fast, it must be effective, bring money, success, but we do not have peace.


This is her purpose as an artist, offer well-being.


Trips are accelerated trainings. You can progress more in two weeks of travel than you would in several months or even a year of orderly life.


The artists matures when more people see what they do, so they can know what people need, that is why in each different country, with his different mentality, they can know the vision of their work from different perspectives and then know what steps to take next .


Tiana has not only traveled, but has also had the experience and the luck to be able to live in different countries. First in Valdagno (Italy), Koh Samui (Thailand), Malaga (Spain), Brussels (Belgium) and lately in the dreamed city of Ronda, in Spain. All this coming and going over the years has been able to increase and enrich her knowledge, has given her the opportunity to catch new colors, new lights and to fall in love again with the diversity of life.


Like you, she also dreams of bringing more beauty to the world. That’s why she loves to share her vision with others, also on the Internet, and let people feel the message that inside of usual things you can see wonderful things.


Granatovych’s paintings are something more than only art, it’s something that can feed your hearth.