The Artwork

The Artwork


Paintings are living beings, they have their own soul. Having a picture is like having something that supports you, that gives you joy.


You can say, “but they do not speak!“, And yet, they do not need it. They transmit, even mute, and you feel it, just like the trees that are silent, but that do not stop sending you their message. Both have a purpose that they do not fail to fulfill, even without speaking.


When one of these paintings is created, it has its life, it has its destiny, its story, even a reason and for whom it has been created, it must find its owner, that is a life.


Granatovych’s Paintings  are very intuitive, that makes them special. They can be observed for a long time, they have a symbolic part and an abstract part, you can create your own idea or vision, the painting has its reason, but the observer can see his own message.


As a metaphor this can give answers to doubts that a person can have, which would be difficult to find otherwise. The good thing about metaphorical drawings is that you can find that answer that is already inside you, but your mind in its usual state can not give you, only in a subconscious way you can approach it.


Looking at them you can remember all the good things in your life, it gives you hope and joy, you feel at ease, and above all calm.


The closed eyes give that tranquility, that rest. That’s what you love of closed eyes, you know they’re not sleeping, you know they’re more present than at any other time.